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21 January 2011 @ 09:43 pm
Early this morning up to this afternoon, we had our High School Day Out. Our section, and the Perpetual Help are on the same bus. Ms. Tesa ,Mrs. Gayas, Sir Marvin, Ms. Buen, and Ms. Ava accompanied us during our Fieldtrip. Our assembly time at 6:30 was held at the school gym. We left the school around 7:00. Our first tour was in Life Museum wherein you can see different kinds of stuff. At the entrance, you can see the statue of Adam and Eve. Then we went to a room where you can see different statues like the cave man, graffiti man and many more.The tourist guide brought us to a place where she will explain the different parts of the heart. Then next is to the lungs, then to the brain. A new tourist guide brought us to a place where you can see Mr. and Mrs. Potato, an Astronaut, a replica of the oldest train. And he introduced some famous people around the world naming, Albert Einstein, George Washington, and many more.The last place we went is to the food room. She discussed the 3 food groups. In that room, you can see a huge ice cream, refrigerator, onions, and chilli. After that we went to the souvenir shop. Then we went back to the bus to go to the next place, which is the Light and Sound Museum Intramuros. The Light and Sound Museum, you can see a nice sculpture of people forming the letters of Intramuros. Inside the museum, you can see how Magellan and Rajah Sulayman had their blood compact. You can also see the Battle of Mactan, Rizal being imprisoned and being killed, where Rizal prints and writes articles. The Light and Sound Museum tells the stories from the past. It's really cool. Because you can really understand what happened before. We walked to go to the Bahay Tsinoy since it's just near. Bahay Tsinoy shows what the early Chinese story. There are also some parts that has plates that costs 1000 plus each. We went back to the bus to eat our Lunch. We ate Jollibee! After we have eaten our Lunch, we went to Taguig to visit the Myth of the Human Body. The Myth of the Human body shows the different parts of the body. Those bodies are real. The bodies there are said to be donated. They've been dead for more than 40 years. And has been in an exhibition for 20 years. The process the made to keep the body preserved is called plastination.Each room represents different body part. We saw the difference of a healthy lung and a lung with a cancer. There's also a room that has hands, feet, ribs, stomach and many more.The most disgusting I've seen is the face being cutted into 3, and the fetus. There are some bodies too that are formed like a strong man, a basketball player, soccer player and an archer. There`s also a man carrying all his body parts. And a woman with an open stomach with a fetus inside. Also a man holding his skin. The museum ended on the picture taking room which has a man lying down cut into 97 pieces. After that we had our snack at at the Amazing Cones, then we went back into the bus, then we went back to school.

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19 November 2010 @ 08:01 am
PDA or Public Display of effection is considered as the worst case scenario in the children's minds. It causes  bad effects  and bad influences mentally and physically. As we all know, children mostly have the most green-minded minds . Because PDA is a kind of actshowing love and/or sweetness in an exaggerated way. And some people, mostly students are curious and eager that may react to too much excitement. And for people like that, holding hands and/or hugging is already PDA. So for me, as a student, PDA shoud not be allowed and should be violated in the school campus. Because students should be concentrating on studies.
    As a first year student, (according to my own opinion) Public Display of Affection shoud not be our first step in our studies. Yes, crushes will always be alright for it is a part of growing up and partly a way of becoming mature, but more than that can case trouble, and will lead to PDA.
    But if yur speaking generally, my opimion is different from others. For me, holding hands and huging is PDa, for them, it's not. For them, you can only tell if 2 people or couple is kissing and doind dirty acts on public is PDA.
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19 November 2010 @ 07:43 am
    Cyber Bullying is a way of destroying the personality and reputation of a certain person through the internet. It is an act of posting embarrassing photos, posts, and/or comments to humiliate him/her. It can also b shown by blackmailing or saying foul words and hurtful words.
Cyber Bullying can cause lack of confidence, depression and sometimes it can affect your studies or your social life. There are also some cases that suicides happens.
    Cyber Bullying is a way of bullying/fighting someone indirectly or not face o face, instead the bully/fight someone in the internet, which is more people could see, and you would be more humiliated. Cyber Bullying does not result any positive effect, actually even the person who bullies can get bullied and back stabbed as well.
    Some people always use the excuse "I'll just do my project" or "I'll just do my homework" so they won't get caught. But eventually, they're just going to embarrass someone with out getting  a single idea of the person that got humiliated in the web, then suddenly, perople are just gonna start laughing and stares at yu without any idea why.
    Cyber Bullying can also be expressed through text or through group messages, through sharing some embarrassing moments that will remind peple of what you did and also, he act of character assassination.
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01 October 2010 @ 10:42 am

English language is a way of communicating. It is a way of expressing feelings and ideas by your own voice. It can ls be expressed in writing speeches, or reading one.


English language is very important nowadays. Because English is the most common language used all over the world. United States is where the English language was found.


The importance of the English language can be seen in the video 'The Dark Knight-Joker interrogation.' In that video, Batman and Joker are having a conversation in which Batman asked Joker “Why do you want to kill me?” Joker didn't reply anything because he didn't understand a word of what Batman said. Joker asked Batman to repeat what he said, because he didn't understand. Batman repeated it again. But still Joker can't understand. Batman was annoyed, so he punched Joker and said “Why can't you understand what I'm saying?” The point is, we should always speak clearly so people would understand what we're saying.


English does not depend on your accent or the way on how you say it. It is on how you deliver it. You can improve your English by having an objective, by making it as a habit. And be patient with yourself. You should not rush yourself to learn.


References: http://esl.about.com/od/englishlearningresources/ht/how_to_improve_english.htm


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03 September 2010 @ 11:15 am

Say Cheese!



One, two, three, say cheese! The flash went off and captured the image. Whether your ready or not, whether you blinked or not, or whatsoever, the picture is still taken. So when you hear the term “say cheese” be sure to smile. So you won't have a stolen shot, that would surely be uploaded in a social networking site.


Saying “say cheese” has it's own point and purpose: The point is for you to be prepared and to be ready. It acts like a cue if your going to smile already or not. And the purpose of that is for you to smile. Because when you say “cheese”, your mouth stretches and forms a smile.


Say cheese!” symbolizes happiness that allows us to have good photographs. Sometimes even unprepared circumstances, it still allows us to have a great photograph. Saying “cheese” in front of the camera is the origin were people like looking at their pictures while smiling.


A “say cheese” smile is just a simple smile that is a nice and nice to look at. It's the smile that people all over the world use. Because it shows the simplicity of a person. It may be common, but it makes you look more beautiful than the other smiles.





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08 July 2010 @ 11:22 pm
Wild at HeartJohn Eldredge, the author of Wild at Heart shows that every human has it's own dreams. But there are also times that those dreams when we grow up couldn't be as successful as we wish it could be. He encourages, motivates and inspires people to discover the secret of man's soul.

According to Charles R. Swindoll, Wild at Heart is the most insightful book in all books he have read in at least 5 years. John Eldredge shares splendid ideas that he has started so creatively and thankfully free of cliché. He insights on identifyng the wound, facing it head-on, then staying with until the healing transpires will be immensely helpful to many folks.

To be a Christian man, you should have the trait of being obedient. You should also know who you are, and never stop exploring. God does not choose people to invite, people to love. Whether you have a deep heart or a masculine heart.

God created us in our own special ways. Each and every one of us has a unique feature. Boys like guns, boxing, competition or dangerous. While girls play simple toys like stuff toys or usually anything safe. Well every human has it;s own differences. Every man has something wild in the heart.

The book Wild at Heart really inspired me. It shows how God is and how  God's image is seen on us, humans. It shows how God made us, in his ow characteristics and aspects. God made us with all his love. We should learn how to be like him. And to be contented and satisfied to what we have and who we are . And that is how God is and how God made us.

Reference: Some words are seen inside the book. (actual lines)

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29 June 2010 @ 09:58 pm
Facebook has a lot of Impacts. There can be good and there can be bad. But in any way it is always very useful. As we all know, people right now are technology-dependent and most people these days are using blogs such as multiply, twitter and facebook. But we cannot blame them because everything we need is in facebook, fast uploading of images, sharing of thoughts through personal messages or chatting and you can even plat games. Facebook is actually  for all ages, even as young as preschool can have facebook. Maybe it's because of the uniqueness and being easy to use facebook accounts.

Bad Side

Since the year 2008, the year that facebook got more popular. It really affected and changed a big part in people's lives. It has changed and affected people's lives. And most of it are students. According to other people's opinion, once you've started using facebook, it's really hard to stop. There are some that uses facebook for more that 7 hours. A lot of them spends their time using facebook, playing Farm Ville, Pet society and more. Some even use facebook instead of doing home works or their jobs. Point is it's really hard to avoid it. Because a lot of people gets addicted and distracted. 

Good Side

It proves that facebook has been a part of making history since 2008 and still keeps making history. So I'm proud to say that facebook is now a need and  want  to me. It's not just having fun but also for communicationg with friends, schoolmates, relatives and family. Facebook has improved and ease the way of communicating.
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21 June 2010 @ 08:46 pm
My name is Jacqui Lyn Stefani Cruz Chua. I am 13 years old. I was born in Quezon City at Sta. Teresita General Hospital on the year 1997, on the 21st of March. We are six in the family. I have 3 siblings namely Nina Luigi Chua, Joseph Alexander Chua and Jennifer Louise Chua. I am the oungest among us 4. Jose Jaime Chua and Luisa Chua are the names of my parents. I studied at Betty's Belarmine School when I was in preschool. And I studied my 1st grade uo to know at St. Mary of the Woods School. I always win amedal every since preschool to grade six. And hopefully until now.

Being the youngest in the family is not easy. Because I have a responsibility to do. To be a daughter and a sister that my family can be proud of. To be a student that my teachers , friends and schoolmates that they can rely on.

My most admired person is Selena Gomez. I admire her because she is close to perfection. She's kind, friendly and sweet to everyone. And she is very talented. She's good at singing and dancing. I always dream to be like her. I also dream to study at UP manila and at De La Salle-College of St. Benilde. I always dream to take the course Hotel and Restaurant major in Culinary arts.

For me education is not just a need but also a want, because I believe that education is one thing that no one can ever get from me, and it will surely give me a brighter future.

Coming from grade school to high school is a bog adjustment for me. The environment, the lessons and the people around me are so much different, I as a first year student are expected to be more mature in every lesson that I have learned. I believe that nothing comes easy. everything we do has a step to follow. I know that being a high school student means on to the next part of my life. So I'll do my best in everything I do and be someone that can be called a role model.
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