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01 October 2010 @ 10:42 am
The Importance of English Language  

English language is a way of communicating. It is a way of expressing feelings and ideas by your own voice. It can ls be expressed in writing speeches, or reading one.


English language is very important nowadays. Because English is the most common language used all over the world. United States is where the English language was found.


The importance of the English language can be seen in the video 'The Dark Knight-Joker interrogation.' In that video, Batman and Joker are having a conversation in which Batman asked Joker “Why do you want to kill me?” Joker didn't reply anything because he didn't understand a word of what Batman said. Joker asked Batman to repeat what he said, because he didn't understand. Batman repeated it again. But still Joker can't understand. Batman was annoyed, so he punched Joker and said “Why can't you understand what I'm saying?” The point is, we should always speak clearly so people would understand what we're saying.


English does not depend on your accent or the way on how you say it. It is on how you deliver it. You can improve your English by having an objective, by making it as a habit. And be patient with yourself. You should not rush yourself to learn.


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