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19 November 2010 @ 07:43 am
Indirect Bullying  
    Cyber Bullying is a way of destroying the personality and reputation of a certain person through the internet. It is an act of posting embarrassing photos, posts, and/or comments to humiliate him/her. It can also b shown by blackmailing or saying foul words and hurtful words.
Cyber Bullying can cause lack of confidence, depression and sometimes it can affect your studies or your social life. There are also some cases that suicides happens.
    Cyber Bullying is a way of bullying/fighting someone indirectly or not face o face, instead the bully/fight someone in the internet, which is more people could see, and you would be more humiliated. Cyber Bullying does not result any positive effect, actually even the person who bullies can get bullied and back stabbed as well.
    Some people always use the excuse "I'll just do my project" or "I'll just do my homework" so they won't get caught. But eventually, they're just going to embarrass someone with out getting  a single idea of the person that got humiliated in the web, then suddenly, perople are just gonna start laughing and stares at yu without any idea why.
    Cyber Bullying can also be expressed through text or through group messages, through sharing some embarrassing moments that will remind peple of what you did and also, he act of character assassination.
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