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21 January 2011 @ 09:43 pm
Fieldtrip 2011. ♥  
Early this morning up to this afternoon, we had our High School Day Out. Our section, and the Perpetual Help are on the same bus. Ms. Tesa ,Mrs. Gayas, Sir Marvin, Ms. Buen, and Ms. Ava accompanied us during our Fieldtrip. Our assembly time at 6:30 was held at the school gym. We left the school around 7:00. Our first tour was in Life Museum wherein you can see different kinds of stuff. At the entrance, you can see the statue of Adam and Eve. Then we went to a room where you can see different statues like the cave man, graffiti man and many more.The tourist guide brought us to a place where she will explain the different parts of the heart. Then next is to the lungs, then to the brain. A new tourist guide brought us to a place where you can see Mr. and Mrs. Potato, an Astronaut, a replica of the oldest train. And he introduced some famous people around the world naming, Albert Einstein, George Washington, and many more.The last place we went is to the food room. She discussed the 3 food groups. In that room, you can see a huge ice cream, refrigerator, onions, and chilli. After that we went to the souvenir shop. Then we went back to the bus to go to the next place, which is the Light and Sound Museum Intramuros. The Light and Sound Museum, you can see a nice sculpture of people forming the letters of Intramuros. Inside the museum, you can see how Magellan and Rajah Sulayman had their blood compact. You can also see the Battle of Mactan, Rizal being imprisoned and being killed, where Rizal prints and writes articles. The Light and Sound Museum tells the stories from the past. It's really cool. Because you can really understand what happened before. We walked to go to the Bahay Tsinoy since it's just near. Bahay Tsinoy shows what the early Chinese story. There are also some parts that has plates that costs 1000 plus each. We went back to the bus to eat our Lunch. We ate Jollibee! After we have eaten our Lunch, we went to Taguig to visit the Myth of the Human Body. The Myth of the Human body shows the different parts of the body. Those bodies are real. The bodies there are said to be donated. They've been dead for more than 40 years. And has been in an exhibition for 20 years. The process the made to keep the body preserved is called plastination.Each room represents different body part. We saw the difference of a healthy lung and a lung with a cancer. There's also a room that has hands, feet, ribs, stomach and many more.The most disgusting I've seen is the face being cutted into 3, and the fetus. There are some bodies too that are formed like a strong man, a basketball player, soccer player and an archer. There`s also a man carrying all his body parts. And a woman with an open stomach with a fetus inside. Also a man holding his skin. The museum ended on the picture taking room which has a man lying down cut into 97 pieces. After that we had our snack at at the Amazing Cones, then we went back into the bus, then we went back to school.

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