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21 June 2010 @ 08:46 pm
On to the Next One  
My name is Jacqui Lyn Stefani Cruz Chua. I am 13 years old. I was born in Quezon City at Sta. Teresita General Hospital on the year 1997, on the 21st of March. We are six in the family. I have 3 siblings namely Nina Luigi Chua, Joseph Alexander Chua and Jennifer Louise Chua. I am the oungest among us 4. Jose Jaime Chua and Luisa Chua are the names of my parents. I studied at Betty's Belarmine School when I was in preschool. And I studied my 1st grade uo to know at St. Mary of the Woods School. I always win amedal every since preschool to grade six. And hopefully until now.

Being the youngest in the family is not easy. Because I have a responsibility to do. To be a daughter and a sister that my family can be proud of. To be a student that my teachers , friends and schoolmates that they can rely on.

My most admired person is Selena Gomez. I admire her because she is close to perfection. She's kind, friendly and sweet to everyone. And she is very talented. She's good at singing and dancing. I always dream to be like her. I also dream to study at UP manila and at De La Salle-College of St. Benilde. I always dream to take the course Hotel and Restaurant major in Culinary arts.

For me education is not just a need but also a want, because I believe that education is one thing that no one can ever get from me, and it will surely give me a brighter future.

Coming from grade school to high school is a bog adjustment for me. The environment, the lessons and the people around me are so much different, I as a first year student are expected to be more mature in every lesson that I have learned. I believe that nothing comes easy. everything we do has a step to follow. I know that being a high school student means on to the next part of my life. So I'll do my best in everything I do and be someone that can be called a role model.
Current Mood: pleased=))