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19 November 2010 @ 08:01 am
PDA or Public Display of effection is considered as the worst case scenario in the children's minds. It causes  bad effects  and bad influences mentally and physically. As we all know, children mostly have the most green-minded minds . Because PDA is a kind of actshowing love and/or sweetness in an exaggerated way. And some people, mostly students are curious and eager that may react to too much excitement. And for people like that, holding hands and/or hugging is already PDA. So for me, as a student, PDA shoud not be allowed and should be violated in the school campus. Because students should be concentrating on studies.
    As a first year student, (according to my own opinion) Public Display of Affection shoud not be our first step in our studies. Yes, crushes will always be alright for it is a part of growing up and partly a way of becoming mature, but more than that can case trouble, and will lead to PDA.
    But if yur speaking generally, my opimion is different from others. For me, holding hands and huging is PDa, for them, it's not. For them, you can only tell if 2 people or couple is kissing and doind dirty acts on public is PDA.
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