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29 June 2010 @ 09:58 pm
The Impact of Facebook on Today's Society  
Facebook has a lot of Impacts. There can be good and there can be bad. But in any way it is always very useful. As we all know, people right now are technology-dependent and most people these days are using blogs such as multiply, twitter and facebook. But we cannot blame them because everything we need is in facebook, fast uploading of images, sharing of thoughts through personal messages or chatting and you can even plat games. Facebook is actually  for all ages, even as young as preschool can have facebook. Maybe it's because of the uniqueness and being easy to use facebook accounts.

Bad Side

Since the year 2008, the year that facebook got more popular. It really affected and changed a big part in people's lives. It has changed and affected people's lives. And most of it are students. According to other people's opinion, once you've started using facebook, it's really hard to stop. There are some that uses facebook for more that 7 hours. A lot of them spends their time using facebook, playing Farm Ville, Pet society and more. Some even use facebook instead of doing home works or their jobs. Point is it's really hard to avoid it. Because a lot of people gets addicted and distracted. 

Good Side

It proves that facebook has been a part of making history since 2008 and still keeps making history. So I'm proud to say that facebook is now a need and  want  to me. It's not just having fun but also for communicationg with friends, schoolmates, relatives and family. Facebook has improved and ease the way of communicating.
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